Swift “Thinkering” and
Presentation Workshops

Apple Southeast Asia partnered with Tinkercademy to provide a free year long Swift Coding class to interested local middle school Singaporean students. This accelerated class focuses on mobile app design and is usually offered in person. At the time, due to COVID restrictions, students met online through Discord and Webex.

I was invited to deepen students experience during two different workshop offerings. Further along in the course curriculum, I was asked to develop and teach workshops in what I call "Tinkering, Thinkering and Making with Meaning". The goal of these workshops were to help students connect who they are, to what they were creating and help to expand their project vision to understand the profile of potential end users. During these workshops,  I introduced them to the fun of using the online collaborative space, Mural. Towards the end of the course for their final presentations, I also developed and led workshops to help them tell the story of their project journey using iMovie.