30+ Decades as a
Maker + Educator + Artist + Techno Geek Girl

We are all ongoing versions and iterations of
who we will become and what we will share with the world.


Continuing my 30+ years exploration of blending dynamic teaching skills and progressive curriculum, I love to awaken curiosity in learners. My mission as an educational guide is to inspire creative ideation using traditional media, technology, new media and the arts, as a voice for the exploration and interpretation of creative, academic, cultural and global issues. My joy is weaving complimentary disciplines into a tapestry of information, aesthetics, form and opportunity.

Always focused on fusing my interests in art and science, I worked for innovative companies in the early 1980’s who paved the way for the technology used in digital imaging today. Gayle Rosen Inc was launched in the late 1980’s, initially providing custom courseware and professional development for Fortune 500 in-house corporate design departments.

Fast forward to now, as a 21st Century Educator, my focus is to develop and guide memorable, immersive experiences that allow teachers and students to manifest the things they are excited about, out into the world.

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Massachusetts College of Art and Design | Boston, MA
Master of Science in Art Education and New Media (2009)

I love teaching anyone that wants to learn, regardless of age. After establishing myself as an educator in the world of professional digital image makers, the time had come to elevate my life long passion for inspiring young learners.

To be a good teacher you have to be a good student. So I headed to graduate school and received my Masters in Art Education and New Media Technology at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. What an amazing space to immerse myself into a wide spectrum of learning and professional opportunities! I graduated top of my class with Honors and was invited to speak at my own commencement ceremony.

Apple Learning Institute | Singapore
Apple Learning Leader 2020

State University College Buffalo | Buffalo, NY
Bachelor of Science in Art Education