Professional Development

To be a good teacher,
one must be a good student
in order to authentically model to learners,
what it means to grow
as a human-being, not just a human-doing.

HCI + NYGH Education Conference

Every year, two top independent Singapore Secondary schools, meet at
the beginning of the school year
to partner for a day long Education Conference extravaganza.
In 2019 I led a Maker Workshop, where teachers used a die cut machine to cut beautiful papers
for their copper tape circuit LED Pyramid Lanterns.

Teacher + Staff Sabbatical Workshop

Nanyang Girls’ High School marks the school year calendar with learning opportunities for Teachers and Support Staff to gather together to try new things. Among many choices during one Learning Sabbatical, the Makerspace offered a hands-on workshop for creating an Automaton (self winding toy) with a customizable toy on top.

I like to create experiences that are accessible but challenging with outcomes, where the learner has wowed themself beyond their own expectations. For me, the key to the success of any workshop is preparing materials and resources to balance allotted time with participant ability.

All my Maker workshops end with a sharing circle, where everyone shared their surprise and gratification with what they accomplished.

Staff Maker-My-Day Workshop

This Maker-My-Day workshop was dedicated to
non-Teaching Staff, filled with AV Aficionados, Librarians, IT Techies, General Office Gurus
and Sciencey Lab Technicians. They each created
a copper tape
circuit LED Lantern in a modified cupcake box. They glowed with their Lanterns.